Coffee May Help Reduce Risk of Death

Coffee May Help Reduce Risk of Death

Sep 01, 2021

Over the years there’s been contradictory evidence surrounding the impact of coffee on physical health. While some skeptics claimed it could be linked to potential issues, new research suggests coffee may actually help improve health and well-being. 

A recent study presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology looked at over 468,000 people who consumed coffee on a regular basis. Findings from the study revealed that coffee drinkers experienced a lower incidence of potential health concerns.

Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of coffee and how it may help lower your risk of serious diseases and other ailments.

Myths About Coffee

Coffee once had a bad reputation when it came to healthiness. In the past several misnomers existed about coffee claiming it negatively impacted cardiovascular systems, caused high blood pressure and led to other health concerns.

Much of the confusion around coffee was related to its association with cigarette smoking. For years the two would go hand-in-hand as cigarette smokers were more likely to drink coffee than non-smokers. However, the correlation was strictly related to the negative effects of smoking rather than the consumption of coffee itself. 

When coffee is researched independently of all other factors, it's safe to say that it can actually be extremely beneficial to our health.

Recent Coffee Research

The UK Biobank Study holds in-depth genetic and health information on over half a million Brits. Current research from these specific populations has shown that coffee consumption can protect against a number of health issues including (1):

  • Type 2 diabetes 
  • Parkinson’s
  • Liver disease
  • Prostate cancer
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Back pain and more

A recent study examined the behavior of over 468,000 people and found a number of people actually experienced a reduced risk of heart failure as a result of drinking coffee. A large meta analysis from three major studies concluded that one or more cups of plain, caffeinated coffee resulted in a substantially diminished risk of heart failure (2).

In fact, the risk of heart failure decreased between 5% and 12% for each cup of coffee consumed each day. More-so, individuals who consumed two or more cups daily effectively reduced their heart disease risk by about 30%. However, the relationship between coffee and heart disease does not hold true for decaffeinated coffee. 

The health benefits of coffee consumption holds true only for black coffee. Adding dairy, sugar, flavors and other creamers results in heavy amounts of fat and sugar in coffee. In turn this can negate coffee’s heart healthy benefits. Also, be weary of too much coffee consumption. Previous research has discovered that excessive coffee consumption in pregnant women can lead to health issues such as preterm births and stillbirths.

How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Regular coffee consumption of up to three cups per day can provide optimal health side effects for most populations. The results hold true strictly for black coffee. Adding creamers and sugar to your coffee makes it less healthy, negating or diminishing any possible health benefits.

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