ATTN Parents: How to Set Up Your Kids for a Lifetime of Healthy Living

ATTN Parents: How to Set Up Your Kids for a Lifetime of Healthy Living

Jun 18, 2021

With father’s day around the corner it’s important to thank our beloved role models for a lifetime of love and support. As parents people are put into the role of influencing their children from birth and setting them up for a lifetime of happiness and success. 

Although speed bumps are expected along the way—parents should remain diligent in their efforts to positively impact their children. Health is wealth as most people would say. 

Facilitating healthy diet and exercise habits from an early age is one of the best gifts a parent can give their child. Practicing healthy eating and encouraging positive lifestyle choices can lay the foundation for their future success as adults and productive members of society.

Let’s take a look at how parents can establish practical and positive fundamental habits to create an encouraging and healthy future.

Create a Well-Rounded Diet

It’s no secret that many parents struggle to get their children to eat fruits and vegetables. Parents should do their best to help children understand the importance of nutritional value and colorful foods.

Although it may be unreasonable to expect children to love eating broccoli and spinach all the time, there are some things you can do to help your child eat more nutritious foods including:

  • Seasoning vegetables and cooking them various ways to improve flavor and texture
  • Adding in healthy dipping sauces to improve taste
  • Blending them in smoothies so they’re less noticeable
  • Adding veggies to existing pastas and dishes

Although not every meal has to be distinctively vegetarian in nature—encouraging kids to eat well-rounded meals containing lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy complex carbohydrates will help them grow and perform to their fullest capacity.

Start the Day with Breakfast

Many children tend to eat breakfasts filled with sugary cereals, unhealthy bars, donuts, and more. Although cooking a full breakfast may not be realistic with today’s complex busy lifestyle—try to substitute processed foods for healthier alternatives.

Some healthy breakfast items include:

  • Turkey bacon
  • Eggs
  • Healthy protein bars
  • Protein shakes
  • Omelettes

Try to avoid giving children donuts, cookies, sugary cereals, and other processed items. Doing so can lead to lethargy and poor performance in the classroom.

Encourage Physical Activity

Today’s world is a digital age filled with iPhones, computers, and all other types of technology. Although this can help students learn and grow as individuals, it can take away from much needed physical activity. Children will have to deal with enough sedentary time as adults so try to ensure they get outdoors.

Some activities children should participate in include:

  • Various sports
  • Riding bikes
  • Skateboarding
  • Running
  • Walking 

Try to limit time spent on phones and electronic devices so that children can maintain a healthy weight and positive self-image. Instead encourage children to go outside and play with friends in person instead of wasting time on video games and other indoor activities.

Being a Role Model

As parents were tasked with being positive and responsible influences for our children. Practicing healthy lifestyle choices ourselves by following healthy diets and workout programs helps set a positive example. 

If children see us eating a certain way they’re more likely to follow such habits. On the other hand if they notice us eating junk food and lacking exercise, they may tend to not do so as well.

Happy Father’s day to all of the parental role models out there this weekend. Although parenting can never be a perfect practice we should always strive to do our best as role models for our children. 

If you have any questions about healthy living or practicing a well-rounded diet, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for guidance and support.

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