Immune Support Is No Longer Optional

Immune Support Is No Longer Optional

Nov 14, 2021
The best booster isn’t a shot, it’s your natural immune system.
Every time we step out into the world we are attacked by viruses that do their best to break down our defenses. Vida helps solve this problem.
Vida contains proven anti-viral replication supplements and Immulina to ensure that your body is primed to defend itself against foreign invaders. 
Since we are surrounded by viruses at all times, they are very likely to get into our system. Once in there, viruses do a great job at “going viral”.

What does this mean?

Like a viral tweet, the virus gets retweeted over and over through a process called “viral replication” until it takes over your system and makes you sick, sometimes very sick.

We cannot always prevent the virus, or metaphorically speaking, “the tweet”. What we can prevent is the tweet going viral by deleting the tweet before it gets out of hand.

This is what Vida helps your body do.

The components in Vida are like a Twitter admin, blocking the spread of bad tweets.

The issue with most anti-viral-replication supplements is that they lack an ionophore. An ionophore is a compound that helps anti-viral supplements permeate the cell to prevent the virus from replicating. For this we use Quercetin.

Quercetin not only acts as an ionophore but it also has other great properties such as immune, cardiovascular and heart health support, respiratory and metabolic function. The perfect lead-in for the potent anti-viral supplements Zinc and Vitamin C. By allowing these compounds to permeate the cell, they can enter and work their magic.

Vitamin D is a must in any health cocktail. Vitamin D plays an essential role in the immune response against viral infections and vitamin D deficiency increases susceptibility to viral infections as well as the risk of recurrent infections. (

Elderberry is a fascinating source of antioxidants that also has shown anti-viral properties. There is scientific evidence that this wonder-berry can help fight cold and flu! 

To ensure that Vida is the most advanced Viral Defense ever created, we added our industry-exclusive ingredient Immulina. Immulina activates your body’s NK and TNF defense mechanisms.
What does this mean?
Natural Killer (NK) cells target and kill aberrant cells, such as virally infected and tumorigenic cells. They literally kill virally-infected cells!
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) regulates the switch from "antigen mode" to "inflammation mode”. By activating this, we help the body prevent viral takeover!
Vida is meant to be taken daily, forever. We want you to live your life with the REAL BOOSTER that your body needs to stay healthy.

Don’t go another day unprotected – get your Vida today.

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