Jul 26, 2021
With an increasing number of individuals switching to vegan and vegetarian diets the need for plant-based protein sources is now greater than ever before. As people are shifting away from animal products they face an increased need for alternative sources of protein.
Why Going Plant-Based is the Hottest Trend of 2021!
Jan 13, 2021
Whether it be beyond meat on grocery store shelves or impossible burgers at large scale burger chains—it seems like everyone has been turning to plant-based options as a viable alternative to traditional forms of meat protein sources.
Why More People are Turning to Plant-Based Protein Sources
May 08, 2020
As meat shortages continue in America, more people are turning to plant-based alternatives on grocery store shelves. Although recent years have seen a tremendous rise in plant-based diets, the closure of meat plants has exponentially compounded the effect.
The Health Benefits of Plant-Based Diets
Jan 21, 2020
Plant-based diets have been met with an increased level of enthusiasm in recent years. Traditionally considered by many to be somewhat of a niche diet—plant-based food options have recently garnered mainstream appeal due to newly discovered health benefits.