The Future of the Supplement Industry

The Future of the Supplement Industry

Nov 12, 2020

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Every election year brings about a changing of the guard. Each candidate carries a different set of morals, values, and beliefs about various industries. The supplement industry is no exception as each political leader has differing views on how to handle and regulate the supplement industry.

In January 2021 President-elect Biden will take over office and assume the transition to a new leadership administration. Although much of the focus is currently placed on the COVID-19 vaccine trials—a number of other concerns exist regarding other segments of the supplement industry.

Hi, I’m Sean Torbati. As an innovator in the industry I believe in taking the steps needed to create safe and effective supplements for all groups of people. The future Biden administration will likely bring about a number of challenges and changes to current regulation of food and dietary guidelines. The newly installed administration will be able to redirect funds to agencies such as the FDA, USA, and the EPA.

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What Changes Lie Ahead?

The Biden administration may choose to undo some of the policies placed forth by the Trump administration. Trump gradually decreased government oversight by limiting agency guidance and minimizing the number of newfound rules and regulations. 

Formal guidance has been placed on hemp and CBD products which may be subject to further regulation under the newfound Biden administration. Biden has previously scrutinized various supplements dating back several years. In 2002 Biden publicly declared a supplement known as “Andro,” a precursor to sex hormones to be unsafe. 

The bill S.2195 was originally sponsored by Sen. Joe Biden declaring Andro, THG, and other steroid precursors to the list of anabolic steroids classified as Schedule III controlled substances. 

Joe Biden also helped to sponsor the Nonprescription Drug and Dietary Supplement Consumer Protection Act of 2006 which mandated adverse event reporting for dietary supplements. Although it is difficult to ascertain whether or not Biden will implement future dietary restrictions—it's safe to say policies regarding supplementation may tighten in the upcoming years ahead. 

The FDA may be likely to further modernize the oversight of supplements over the next few years. Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD announced plans to modernize the industry in 2019—which had been principally regulated by the previous guidance issued under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. The agency has expressed ongoing support for mandatory supplement product listing.

John Troup, Ph.D who is the vice president of scientific affairs and dietary supplements with the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) has publicly stated, “Ensuring the country has a modernized regulatory system overseeing the rapidly expanding dietary supplement category is an important public health issue that transcends political parties and elections.”

Dr. David Kessler has also been named to Biden’s expert committee on public health. As a stark advocate against supplements—there’s substantial reason to believe that federal regulation of food, beverage, and dietary supplements may further increase under the Biden administration.

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What Should You Do?

The future is unknown, but I can safely say that HPN supplements will continue to provide the best, top-notch quality supplements regardless of who is running the current administration. Although policies may tighten or loosen depending upon who is in office—rest assured that we will continue to provide consumers with the best supplements on the market.

If you have any other questions regarding supplements or policies in general—feel free to reach out to me for support. I’m here to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to help you succeed in your life at both a personal and professional level.

Kindest regards,

Sean Torbati - PN Certified Nutritionist | EXOS Phase 3 Training Specialist   

Co-Founder, Ambrosia Collective

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