The Relationship between Stress, Appetite and Weight Loss

May 23, 2022

When it comes to weight loss, many people are under the impression that it’s a simple two-step process. Expend more energy than your body is consuming and you’ll be able to lose weight no questions asked. However, reaching your weight loss goals is not always as simplistic as it may appear on paper. 

Did you know that ⅓ of adult Americans are currently obese and ⅔’s of adults are considered to be overweight?

Of course, diet is the number one element of successfully losing weight, however there’s several other factors that come into play along the way. Exercise, sleep, stress and biological factors can impact whether or not one can lose weight safely and efficiently. 

If your diet has been on point, you’ve been exercising regularly and still aren’t achieving the results you’re looking for—there could be a number of other factors drastically influencing your weight loss goals. 

In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at how external elements such as stress and appetite can also play a significant role in weight loss.

How Stress Impacts Weight Loss

Stress can impact weight loss in a number of different ways. Many people tend to use food as a coping mechanism for handling stress throughout their lives. Whether it be work-related or issues stemming from personal problems, reaching for a cookie or a bag of chips is one of the first things many people do to cope with everyday stressors.

Studies have found that uncontrollable stress can change eating patterns causing individuals to to synergistically reach for food. Chronic stress has been shown to synergistically potentiate reward sensitivity, food preference and seeking out hyperpalatable foods to induce metabolic changes (1). In other words, stressed out people tend to eat more than individuals that are in a happy and content state of mind.

With over one-third of people considered to be obese and nearly-two thirds being overweight, it’s no secret that many people turn to food indulgence as a mechanism for handling stress throughout their everyday lives. 

The impact of stress can also affect weight loss at a biological level. One study looked at 45 obese adults and found that those undergoing a stress management intervention program achieved nearly a 50% higher reduction in BMI compared to those who did not (2). Limiting stress and how it impacts the body may help you hit your weight loss goals much more efficiently compared to a standardized diet program.

How Stress can make you feel Hungrier

When the body is undergoing stress, a chemical is released called cortisol. Having higher amounts of cortisol can cause a number of issues related to weight gain due to the fact that it can actually slow down your metabolism. In turn, you likely won’t be able to lose weight in the most efficient manner possible.

Excessive cortisol levels can stimulate glucose production which then can inadvertently be converted into fat in the body. People who are stressed out tend to experience high cortisol reactors and decreased insulin secretion (3). These individuals also had increased food cravings due to reward-driven eating behaviors. Each of these studies found that utilizing stress reduction methods can help to normalize cortisol response and help to prevent future weight gain.

Following a proper diet and regular exercise regimen is the number one key to reaching your weight loss goals. However, if you’ve been trying to lower your stress, but have still been unable to reach your weight loss goals—we’ve got something that might help you along the way. 

Lower your stress, reach your weight loss goals

Stress can significantly hamper your weight loss goals due to a various number of reasons. Whether it be stress eating or increased cortisol levels—each of these factors can cause weight loss too slow to a crawl.

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If you’ve been feeling stressed, burned out with work and simply not achieving the weight loss results you want—Normorbidity by Ambrosia is the perfect solution to help you expedite your health and physical goals.

For more information about how we can help you reach your weight loss goals, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help support you along your weight loss journey every step of the way.

Kindest regards,

Sean Torbati

Ambrosia Collective



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