Why Home Gyms are Here to Stay

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created a whirlwind of changes in everyday life. The way people socialize, shop, eat, and even workout has dramatically shifted to a new way of living. As gyms closed their doors this past spring—many individuals were forced to develop innovative new methods of working out.

Many standard health clubs and gyms currently remain closed forcing active people to undergo alternative styles of workouts. Traditionally home gyms were used mainly by hardcore enthusiasts or wealthy individuals, but today more people are installing fitness equipment at home.

Companies such as Peloton, Fight Camp, and Mirror have created equipment that allows users to get solid workouts from the convenience of their homes. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of home gyms and why they’re here to stay.

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Home Workouts are Convenient

More people are working remotely meaning they’re home the majority of the day. The ease and flexibility of at-home work provides professionals with more time and opportunities to achieve their fitness goals.

Instead of commuting hours to the office each day people have additional time to workout at home. Home gyms allow people to workout in the morning, on their lunch break, or after the work day is completed. With equipment in arm’s reach it’s difficult to justify ever missing a workout.

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Saves Money Long-Term

Many gym memberships cost upwards of several hundred dollars per year. This can add up to thousands of dollars annually and tens of thousands of dollars over several years. Building a home gym can be cost efficient compared to having a gym membership if done properly.

Casual workout enthusiasts can perform amazing workouts with limited equipment needed. For most people a simple bench and dumbbells can be sufficient for getting an amazing workout in. 

Home gyms don’t have to be expensive or cost thousands of dollars. Spending a few hundred dollars can go a long way towards building a safe and reliable home fitness facility.

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No More Crowds

Many gyms are overly crowded during peak times of the day. Early mornings and late afternoons are when gyms become filled to the brim. Good luck trying to land a bench or squat rack during peak hours. Either you’ll spend countless hours waiting or trying to alternate sets in with half a dozen other gym bros at the same time.

Home gyms can eliminate the excessive time spent waiting around for equipment or fighting off other gym goers. Simply walk into your home gym and the equipment is free and available. Health wise working out from home is safer than traditional gyms as you don’t have to come into contact with countless people sharing a single piece of equipment.

Remember the days of people sweating and not wiping off their benches? Yeah we’d prefer not to either.

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Time Efficiency

People can spend hours at the gym—driving, waiting for equipment, talking to people, and more. Working out from home allows individuals to be extremely time efficient. Simply begin your workout without any outside distractions or excessive wait times. 

For most people 30-45 minutes can be sufficient for a solid workout. That time could be doubled or tripled going to a standard big box gym. The extra time available can allow individuals to better focus upon personal and professional obligations. 

Remember a good workout depends on intensity and volume. Time is not necessarily a good indicator of a well developed workout program.

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Workout from Anywhere

People should realize that expensive gym memberships and fancy equipment is not a one-way ticket to building an amazing physique. Following a structured workout program along with a well-balanced diet is the key towards looking and feeling your very best.

If you’ve been struggling to workout with gyms close I suggest you look into building a home gym. Buy basic pieces of equipment such as a bench, dumbbells, and resistance bands and focus on hitting your daily goals.

I’ve seen countless people achieve tremendous physiques with limited equipment available. On the other hand I’ve known people who spend thousands of dollars on workout classes with little to no real results.

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