How Glute Training Became a Fitness Obsession

How Glute Training Became a Fitness Obsession

Oct 08, 2020

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The fitness world has become enamored with glute and butt training over the last several years. Women seek to build developed, rounded bottoms as part of a fit and healthy physique. The fascination with glute training is not a new phenomenon as was clearly evidenced by Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s 90’s hit “Baby Got Back.”

More women’s classes are now focused around leg and glute days than ever before. While this appears in stark contrast to most men’s physique goals—women are now doing everything in their power to sculpt masterful glutes.

People that lack genetically gifted bodies can build and shape a fruitful body over time. As the seismic shift in women’s workout culture continues—it’s important to note that people should workout all body parts equally.

Hi, I’m Sean Torbati. As a member of the fitness industry for several years I’ve noticed a number of changes in workout culture and technique. Although flat stomachs were once considered the holy grail of fitness goals for men and women alike—the need to build a rounded bottom is now more profound than ever before.

Let’s take a look at the cultural shift and what has changed in recent years.

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Why the Current Focus on Glute Training

The social media frenzy has created a fascination with perfection in today’s day and age. Influencers ranging from Kylie Jenner to fitness proteges have used their bodies to attract attention and multi-million dollar deals. As a result the world’s idea of beauty has dramatically changed over time.

Instagram, SnapChat, and TikTok have become filled with pictures and videos of women promising workout programs, butt transformations, and magical workout supplements. As a result women of all ages have felt pressured to look and act a certain way to fit in with today’s societal model of beauty. 

Although some of these influencers have used surgical enhancements to sculpt their physiques, many others preach the benefits of a healthy diet and regular training regimen. Genetics play a critical role in the process so individuals must maintain realistic expectations instead of trying to model their bodies after a certain person.

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How to Build Strong and Aesthetic Glutes

If you weren’t born with a well endowed backside or simply want to build your bottom a bit—there are a number of tools that can be used to naturally create the body of your dreams. Proper diet and exercise programs are key to successfully building a strong and developed bottom.

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Diet is the Key

Many people claim that diet is 80% or more of the battle when it comes to creating an aesthetic physique. Women hoping to build a strong bottom are no exception to the rule. Although nobody can follow a “perfect” diet, here’s some basic fundamental rules that can help create sustainable results.

  • Eat a diet high in lean proteins, veggies, and whole grains
  • Limit consumption of sugary or processed foods
  • Drink alcohol in moderation 
  • Try to consume 80% to 90% of your calories based around whole foods
  • Find caloric maintenance levels and try to avoid overeating

These are just some extremely basic rules that can help you reach and achieve your goals. Whether you’re hoping to lose weight or build muscle, find a caloric balance that works best for you complete with appropriate macronutrients and micronutrient ratios.

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Develop a Structured Workout Program

While many males enjoy chest and arm day—women often fall to the other side of the coin. They tend to train legs and glutes several times a week while neglecting other body parts. Although legs can be trained multiple times per week—women should also try to hit other body parts at least once per week for general strength and symmetry.

Leg workouts structured around deadlifts, squats, and lunges are important for lower body development. As compound movements they help to activate multiple body parts in a single movement.

Focusing too much on a single muscle group could eventually lead to overtraining and imbalances. Try to hit each group multiple times per week and don’t neglect cardiovascular training either.

Build the Body of Your Dreams

People should develop realistic body expectations over time. Instead of trying to mold themselves into an influencer or other celebrity—they should realize that no two bodies are the same. Furthermore, naturally sculpting a physique with proper diet and exercise is superior to spending money on surgeries and other body enhancements.

If you’d like to build the body of your dreams—feel free to visit our website for more information and support. I’ll help you take your workouts to the next level and help you build the physique you’ve always wanted.

If you would like to learn more about our products, feel free to visit our website for additional information. We’re here to help you develop the body of your dreams.

Kindest regards,

Sean Torbati - PN Certified Nutritionist | EXOS Phase 3 Training Specialist   

Co-Founder, Ambrosia Collective

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